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University policy documents, templates and additional resources.

Comprehensive Policy Review

The Comprehensive Policy Review is a multiyear project to update and improve all University policies. The goal is to ensure policies are easy to find, read and understand for all members of the community. We will work with departments to eliminate redundant, conflicting and outdated policies, and ensure all policies clearly document the rights, responsibilities and expectations of the Brown Community. All University policies will be written in a clear and consistent format and be posted on one easily searchable University website.

Administrative departments are undertaking comprehensive reviews of their current and proposed policies over a multi-year timeline with the assistance and oversight of the University Compliance office and the project’s Steering Committee.

Some departments will begin the project sooner than others, but all faculty and staff need to know:

  • Brown now has a University Policy on Policies
  • This project implements the University Policy on Policies across the University.
  • This is a collaborative project that relies on Brown University subject matter experts for policy review and content.
  • A new and easily searchable University Policy Website launched on March 11, 2021. This website replaced the Administrative Policy Website and will eventually be populated with all University policies.

If your department has not started the project and you plan on developing or updating a policy please contact the University Compliance office before you start. Following the University Policy on Policies now will ensure that your policy is consistent with best practices and standards and easily read and understood on the University Policy Website. For policy templates and supporting documents, please see below. If you have questions, please email [email protected].

Templates and required documents

Below are the University Comprehensive Policy Review templates, required documents and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). These documents are updated regularly, so please check this website when starting a new policy or SOP to ensure you are using the latest versions.

University Policy on Policies  - Defines policy criteria, format and approval authority for all policies at Brown. 

Policy Template - Editable Policy Template with detailed instructions.

Policy Cover Sheet - Used to summarize a new policy or policy changes for the Policy Approval Authority.

Policy Publishing Checklist - Used to quality check format and provide publishing information required for all policies. 

Delegation of Policy Approval Form - Used by the President to delegate approval authority to a Cabinet member.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Template - Editable SOP Template with detailed instructions.

The University Policy Website contains over 140 University policies. However, all University policies are not listed on the website and users should search for applicable policies in addition to contacting appropriate offices with subject matter experts. In the future, the University will be combining all policies on the University Policy Website.

Frequently Searched Policies:

Code of Conduct

University Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy

Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

University Policy on Policies